quick Tandem 3-way morphing tutorial

3-way morphing

  • Step 1, pray to the gods that this program won’t crash on you
  • Step 2, because this uses straight object files, you will have to FIRST analyze your audio files in the ’TandemSTRAIGHThandler’ in order to extract the F0, Aperiodicity, and STRAIGHT spectrum for each file and save them as FILE.mat. For review, see (https://memcauliffe.com/straight_workshop/)
  • Now, you’re ready to start n-way morphing
  • Step 3, you’ll want to create reference .mat files using ‘referenceEditorGUIv4’ in Matlab
    1. open the referenceEditorGUIv4
    2. open the mat file you want to use as reference by clicking on File, open Straight object
    3. then you need to set temporal anchors by pressing the ’+T’ in the ribbon (The buttons can by kind of finicky, you might need to press the button to use the tool and press it again to “put the tool away”. Otherwise you might not be able to switch between tools)
    4. Then you can use the temporal anchors to add Formant reference points by clicking on the ‘+F’